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Here are a few of our top tips to best keep your drains flowing freely.


Do not flush away any disposable items that are insoluble - for example some types of wet wipes, nappies and sanitary items.


Keep toiletries, air fresheners and children's toys away from where they could fall in to the toilet pan.  Never fit shelves or cabinets above the toilet.


Regularly remove hairs etc. from your bathroom sink, shower or bath plug holes and periodically empty the traps if accessible.


Never dispose of cooking oils or food waste in the kitchen sink and periodically empty the trap.  If you have washed greasy pots and pans then running hot water into the drain for a short period of time can reduce the risk of a blockage occurring.


Regularly remove leaves, debris and rubbish from the external gullies, drain grids and guttering and make sure the relevant grates and grilles are fitted.


Do not wash excess paint or concrete into external gullies or drains.


Lift the external inspection chambers periodically to check that the drains are free flowing and that there is no evidence of lime scale or fat and grease build up.


Following these simple procedures will help reduce the likelihood of a blocked drain but should you find you need assistance then call us for immediate help and advice.


Contact our office on 0117 422 6758 we are here to help !!!

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